Insta Hot Challenge

Mar 25, 2023 by King Info - 0 Comments

This is NOT a call to “Twerk” but if that’s the best you got, so be it… This is a call to show the world by video what makes you a boss at what you do. If it’s food prep, business entrepreneur, house wife, doctor or nurse… If you have film of you preforming a beautiful act you love to do place the song in the background and post it on any social media and tag us. You can download the song here and find all social links at the top right of this website. This will be an ongoing challenge so it’s not competitive. I will send a custom shirt or hoodie, depending on the season, to the best videos that I see. Pick any part of the song and make a 60 second video. The full song is below and the downloadable file is just below that. The official video is below that and under that is a compilation of the Insta Hot Challenge. If you have any questions send a response in the comment section below. One.

Click to download 👉🏾 INSTA HOT Zip MP3


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